Oh hey you found my carrd!

welcome! I hope you like it ^^


current name(s): Ghost, Felix
(^^ either is fine ^^)
age: im a minor, don't be creepy/weird pls ;;
gender: non-binary/demi-boy/pronounhoarder
sexuality: polysexual
(I don't have a label on my sexuality since it changes constantly, but this is close enough)
pronouns: my main pronouns are he/they! any others are on my pronouny :D

|| I support: acab / blm / stop asian hate / pro choice / lgbtq+ rights ||

byf :)

I type very awkwardly, so here are a few things I do:

I use double dashes (--) instead of periods to end sentences, since periods to me look serious

;; = being nervous, since it kinda looks like tears--

I key smash alot, and will occasionally use tone indicators :) (use them if you'd like when talking to me!)

Im rlly bad at starting convos unless we have something in common ;;

-Sanders Sides
-DSMP/ Origins SMP
-making kandi
-mmm c o l o r s,, especially this one
-long furbies-- they're so majestic,,
-makeup; it just looks so nice :)
-kinning^^ I like it when I can relate to characters alot,,
-stuffed animals r great
-music; it makes my brain tingle in a good way
-rain -i like the way it sounds
-true crime- it also tickles my brain
--Streamers I like:--
||Wilbur,Ranboo,Tubbo,Quackity,Philza,Technoblade,Jack Manifold||

The Ickies(dislikes)
-mean ppl
-flashing lights; they hurt my eyes,,
-l i g h t m o d e,,, /hj
-soda?? or carbonated drinks- which sucks because I wanna try sodas n stuff but the carbonation makes my tongue itch n it feels spiky

I just kin for fun, so doubles are fine!!^^

Virgil Sanders (SS)🌩ī¸
Patton Sanders (SS)🐸
Janus Sanders (SS)🐍
C!Ranboo (DSMP)
Ghostbur (DSMP)
C!Slimecicle (DSMP)
(Ranboo our beloved <3)